Genelec 1038A, Nearfield: ADAM A8X + SUB8 Subwoofer, Auratone

hardware & software

Apple Mac Pro w/ OS X 10.8, 3× ProTools HD192 –24 tracks in, 48 out, Logic PRO X, Ableton Live
Plugins: Waves, UAD-2 Quad, Antares, Hofa, FAB Filter


4x Shure SM57, 545CD, 565SD, Beta 98, SM 7B, 2x ​AKG C61 + CK1 Wave, D 12, D244,
2x Neumann Gefell CMV563 wave + M7-9,
3x Neumann TLM 104, U87,
2x Ribbon Microphones Royer 101, AEA R84

samplers & synthesizers

Korg M1, Korg Wave Station A/D, Korg Trinity, DDrum 4 Clavia, Roland JD800, Roland SC88, Roland JV880, Roland Super JV1080 + All Expansion Boards, Roland JP8000, Yamaha EX5R, Hammond XM11 & XMC-1, Emu II+, Emu SP12, AKAI 5000, ​ARP String Ensemble, Waldorf Microwave, Virus B, Nord Rack 3, Prophet 5, Roland JP8000

mixing board

Soundtracs Solitaire 40-24, 80 automated faders and 40 moving faders, Meter Stereo Display 550 SA

amplifiers, processors & effects

Fender Bandmaster Combo, Guitar Effect Boss ME-10, Digitech DF-7 + Screamin’ Blues Distortion, Stereo Compressor F760X-RS, Drawmer 1960 Streo Compressor, ​Urei 1176LN, Tube-Tech MEC 1A Recording Channel, Tube-Tech CL2A Stereo Opto Compressor, ADM 1024, Lexicon 480XL+Larc, Eventide H3000 D/SE, TC M5000, 2x SSL 500-Series 611 EQ

tape recorders

Tascam ATR 60-16, Revox A77 & B77,
Sony DAT 1000Es, Sony PCM-R500

acoustic instruments & guitars

Petrof Piano, Fender Rhodes, Fender Stratocaster, Ibanez Joe Satriani, Yamaha APX 9C, Schneider Classic, Epiphone Joe Pass, Gibson Les Paul

instrument libraries

Vienna Symphonic, Eastwest, Ivory Pianos, ​BDF Drums, Trilogy – Stylus MRX – Atmosphere, Real Guitar3 and more